Upgrade | About us
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About us

Upgrade is an initiative that aims at capitalizing the hidden potentials and opportunities presented by ICT & Industry domain graduation projects. The vision is to help convert 1% of graduation projects to successful startups.


Upgrade is a multi-partner initiative. Partners are:
  • The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
  • Omantel
  • The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology
  • The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth
  • Oman Technology Fund
  • Authority for SME Development
  • Bank Muscat
  • Madayn
TRC leads and manages the program. Omantel and Bank Muscat provides the seed funding and program financing. SAS ITA and Madayn provides incubation services, while Riyada provides business consultation, networking and mentoring opportunities. OTF covers the international internship and access to investment. NYC provides professional and leadership development to winning teams.
If you are interested in Upgrade and want to start something similar, please read Upgrade Manual