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    The Problem: Did they make it clear that there is a big, important problem that they are going to solve? *
    [starrating* theproblem max:5 disable_cancel]

    The Solution: Were they specific about what they offering and to whom? *
    [starrating* thesolution max:5 disable_cancel]

    The Opportunity: Did they provide the basic market segmentation, size, growth and dynamics? *
    [starrating* theopportunity max:5 disable_cancel]

    The Competitive Advantage: Did they detail why they are different to the competition *
    [starrating* advantage max:5 disable_cancel]

    The Model: Did they detail how they are going to generate revenues and from whom? *
    [starrating* themodel max:5 disable_cancel]

    The Team: Did they detail why their team is uniquely qualified to win? *
    [starrating* theteam max:5 disable_cancel]

    Are the participants passionate about transferring their graduation project into a start-up?

    The Reality Check: Can they achieve a meaningful milestones during the acceleration program? *
    [starrating* realitycheck max:5 disable_cancel]

    Approved for the second stage? *