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Upgrade Companies

We are MAAREB Technology, a specialized company for custom software development for different industries, upon each customer requirement. We take our business partners’ needs in consideration; to achieve their business objectives for Digital Transformation and all process automation with Blockchain platforms that integrated with 4-IR technologies. Our aim is to provide future technologies which can be implemented for different sectors and many beneficiaries.

Tawazi is an Omani Start-up company that provides creative solution of investing clean renewable energy by means of smart grid and machine learning methodology. Tawazi works on providing a software of managing the surplus energy generated by PV panels.

Mission: Improving marine life through meaningful technology and tools.

Vision: To be the first choice in middle east for the offshore and marine life by providing quality engineering and support services.

Working on developing an underwater glider with sensors that can warn officials before red tide phenomena occurs.

WearView provides virtual reality systems and services that help in visualizing and simulating  job readiness, workplace orientation and other VR solutions using immersive technology to have an interactive and  real experience

The team member are: Zainab Salim AlBlushi , Mahaa Salim AlBadri, Halail Salim AlMayahi and Athir Ali Alsheryani

Intelligence Lab aims to develop vehicles operating remotely and autonomously (without a crew onboard) to fulfill organizations’ needs. Examples of such systems are drones and marine robots. Currently, the company is developing an unmanned vessel to serve marine applications for the Sultanate

The team member are : Waleed Mohammed Al-Maawali ,Omar Mohammed Al-Zakwani, Ahmed Said Rashid, Ibrahim Khamis Salim Al-Jahwari, and Moosa Al-Masuudi

Our starup provide biometric solutions and deliver reliable biometric system services and obtain customer satisfaction by meet their expectation.

The team member are: Faisal Al – Badai, Naama Salim Alsiyabi, Najla Salim Alsiyabi and Ismail Salim Alsiyabi

Anawen is an innovative solution to its problems codenamed in Arab countries through sophisticated technologies for business owners to assist them in logistics operations.
The team members are: Mahmoud Sultan Al-Essaie, Fares Gomaa Al-Jumaa, Al-Harith Gomaa Al Jumaa and Saif Sultan Al-Esaei.

Bee App: An electronic platform that develops and supports shops using modern technologies, providing the user and trader with the characteristics associated with the creation of a unique and smart buying experience.

Team members are: Alya Said Al-Shanfari, Hana Al- Raisi , Sultan Al Subhi

Augmented Reality System for Tourism in Oman (Explore AR): Augmented Reality System for Tourism in Oman (Explore AR):
a system that uses technology-enhanced reality in tourism in Oman that enhance the experience of tourists while in the tourist places and provides a range of suggestions for places and services nearby.