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what is upgrade

what is upgrade

What is Upgrade?

A support program to help students transform their graduation projects to Startups. It is a competition-based program where the best graduation projects qualify for special incentives to assist the transformation into startups

Who benefits from Upgrade?

Graduating students in specific and the nation at large

Can any graduation project participate?

We recommend determining a shortlist of 4 to 5 graduation project topics. This will keep the program focused and manageable.

What are the typical support services required to transform graduation projects into startups?

Transforming graduation projects to startups requires several incentives and support services such as business coaching, business incubation, technical coaching, seed funding and others. The type and level of support service required varies from project to another.

What are the eligibility requirements for projects to be enrolled in Upgrade?

Participating project should be a graduation project with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

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